Social documentary photographer Member of The International Federation of Photographic Art- Born in 1989-03-28

International achievements:

  1. Earned gold medal at 76th international photographic salon of japan (Asahi Shimbun 2015).
  2. Earned gold medal at Through the Viewfinder Contest – Serbia (2016).
  3. Earned Silver medal at “IN GLORY OF WOMEN” Contest – Serbia (2017).
  4. One of 5 selected in Greek International Exhibition of Photography (2017).
  5. Confirmed in Nowruz International Exhibition of Photography (2017).
  6. Confirmed 4 Photographs in VICTOR POLYNSKY International Exhibition of Photography- Kyrgyzstan (2016).
  7. Confirmed in Photo Salon Plovdiv – Bulgaria (2017).
  8. Confirmed in International Exhibition of Photographic art – Croatia (2017)
  9. Confirmed in Through the Viewfinder Contest (2017)
  10. Confirmed in “IN GLORY OF WOMEN” Contest (2017)
  11. Confirmed in Southampton International Exhibition of Photography- England (2017)
  12. Confirmed in Bristol salon of Photography- England (2017)
  13. Confirmed in 4st KHAYYAM International Exhibition of Photography-(2016)
  14. Confirmed in 3st KHAYYAM International Exhibition of Photography-(2015)
  15. Confirmed in 2st KHAYYAM International Exhibition of Photography-(2014)
  16. Confirmed in Bucovina International Exhibition of Photography – Romania (2012)
  17. Confirmed in Luxembourg International Exhibition of Photography (2011)
  18. Confirmed in Children Luxembourg International Exhibition of Photography – Serbia (2016).
  19. Confirmed 11 Photographs in Flamanya International Exhibition of Photography – Kyrgyzstan (2017)
  20. Confirmed 11 Photographs in Brooklyn International Exhibition of Photography-United State, and Earn PSA Appreciation. (2017)
  21. Confirmed 11 Photographs in Hong Kong International Exhibition of Photography (2018) 22. Selected in The 8th Global Event of Behance


Charity auctions

  1. Auctions held to benefit Yaran Barekat Charity (women without caretakers) – March 2015
  2. Auctions held to benefit Safety Weakness Charity – August 2015


Individual exhibitions

  1. And I›m a traveler in Pardisan Gallery (2015)
  2. Love in the Song Dynasty in Galley Café Pelle (2015)


Domestic group exhibitions of Photography

  1. One pix group exhibitions at the Home Artists (2016)
  2. Top photos – Picture of the year group exhibitions at the Home Artists (2016)
  3. Days of life group exhibitions at Bahman Cultural Center (2016)
  4. Blessing Helpers Charity group exhibitions at Ferdows Cultural Center (2015)
  5. Happy group exhibitions at the Artin Gallery in Mashhad (2017)


International group exhibitions of Photography

  1. exhibition at The Idol Gallery in Istanbul (2017)
  2. exhibition



  1. Travel Photography in the 1st International Film Tourism Conference – Tehran (2017)
  2. Mobile photography with approach of documentary photography in Ibn Sina Culture Center (2015)
  3. Mobile photography in art group HSH (2016)
  4. Mobile photography in Tehran province electricity distribution company (2017)
  5. The first photography Workshop in “chaharmahal & bakhtiari” province (2017)
  6. Mobile photography in Sistan & Balochistan province electricity distribution company (2017)



  1. Teaching photography since 2013 with years of psychological work and psychological approach and documentary photography aimed at increasing the thinking of photographers in teens at the Tehran›s top schools, including the Kooshesh, Salam, Talash, Rahe roshd. 2. Teaching photography in best picture academy – West Tehran Iran (2017)


photography of major international performances 

  1. Photography of Theater, Love in the Song Dynasty, the world›s 3rd best performing in China Directed by Zhang Yimau, director of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics – 2014
  2. Photography of Swan Lake ballet by The Tchaikovsky – Russia (2016)
  3. Photography of Russian National Dance Show “Kostroma” in MOSCOW (2016)
  4. Photography of Seven Beautiful Ballet in Baku, Azerbaijan (2016)

Business activity

  1. Advertising photography studio in Tehran
  2. Concert photography for authoritative photographic sites – 2011 to 2013


Photography Projects

  1. Mobile photography with approach of loneliness of contemporary man, from 2013 to present in more than 10 countries such as Iran, China, UAE, Turkey, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Bulgaria, Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and This collection is going on for years to come
  2. Documentary photography on the process of reducing the catch from the Caspian Sea, since 2010 till now and continues



  1. Invited and selected in The 8th Global Event of Behance
  2. Invited to The camp of photography at The International Shiraz Festival



  1. 6 Selected Works in one pix Group Exquisite book